bgarmisa (bgarmisa) wrote in motioncitysound,

pics: warped tour chicago 7/30/06

alrighty. these are released under the creative commons 2.5 NonCommercial-Attribution-ShareAlike license. that basically means you can do whatever you like with them so long as you a) don't sell them, b) credit me conspicuously, and c) release any derivative work under the same license :-)

now that i'm done with the gooey stuff, if you like these, please comment and let me know. if you don't, feel free to comment as well. i have enough self-esteem to get myself through a few of you guys not liking them... honestly though, i'd prefer criticism that helps me hone my skill to something like "awesome" or "great shots" (not that those are unwanted or unloved).

that said, if you really, really like these and want to know when i post more, please, please, please sign up for the mailing list at :-)

hope you like!

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these are fabulous (but then, i remember you posting pictures in the fall out boy community and they were fabulous also). just a personal preference thing, though: i like the color more than the black and white. i think it looks better for action shots.
thanks, i personally like some in bw and some in color, but it's easier for me to do them all in both :-)