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Hey guys, I've got a Motion City Soundtrack shirt for's black and it has a blue/white boy on the's like brand new all I'm asking for is $9, size L..there's pictures of it and TONS more band merch at takingbacksammi So if you're interested check it out and let me know..thanks!
Mavid = love

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I moved into my new house almost a month ago, and the more I go through my things the more I have to get rid of..There's so much shit; clothes, posters, games, cds, stickers, hats, a fender guitar, etc etc, just please take a look and feel free to leave a comment or email me if you're intersted. My prices are listed, but if you have a different offer PLEASE FEEL FREE to let me know. I accept paypal, money order, and concealed cash(be smart about it and don't send 3 dollars in quarters people..)You can email me at, just include LJ sales somewhere in the subject. Anyways, enough of that here's the list;
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I apologize ahead of time if I'm corssing lines or breaking any rules.

I have two extra Motion City Soundtrack tickets for sale, or gift, I guess. I just really need to get these off my hands. They're for the October 31st show at the House of Blues Orlando. Let me know if you, or anybody else, is interested. is my email, just in case. I'm always up for new friends and conversationalists, too! =]